A few great multi channel retailing examples

When business people are considering the options they have to boost their profits, they often think about opening new stores. This may sound logical, but a venture like this comes with many risks. Now, thanks to modern technology they can try something else that can boost their profit and increase sales. Obviously, we are talking about multi channel retailing. The following is a list of a few great multi channel retailing examples.


Orvis is a company focused on sporting items. They have been practicing multi channel retailing for a few years now and they are more than satisfied with the results. Due to their specific offer, they are attracting a more specific audience – males that are 50 years old or older. That’s why they have developed a strategy that includes a combination of in-store and online retailing. For instance, they have iPad credit card readers that are used as Point of Sale systems too. They also create personalized content for their loyal customers allowing them to upsell.


Topshop is another famous brand that comes from the UK. Their main objective is to make high-end, designer fashion more accessible to ordinary users. When it comes to multi channel retailing strategies, their strategy included a very effective, powerful digital billboard campaign. What’s interesting is that these digital billboards were placed strategically – very close to their physical stores. Many online users have decided to check the stores when they were nearby. In addition, they have encouraged Twitter users to use a special hashtag to get a curated shopping list which has proven to be useful to potential buyers. As a result of that, they have increased their sales for over 25%.

TBC Bank

Multi channel retailing is a global phenomenon and TBC Bank from Georgia is a good example of that. This bank has included a multi channel strategy that has made the process of opening an account much simpler. Namely, they have divided this process into a few simple steps that start in one place and end in another. The initial process starts with a phone call and ends in one of their branches or kiosks. With the help of this move, they were able to gain many new users.

Keep in mind that these are just some of the examples of successful multi channel retailing stories. Consider this strategy when you are planning on improving the work of your business.